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Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

In the desert there are mountains with beautiful red sandstone within them that add color to our usually bland tans of sand. Above is a picture of Red Rock Canyon which is just west of Las Vegas. It is a park and you can drive through it for a small fee.

There are light tan rocks with these magnificent red striations going through them that are most unique for the area. Rocks around the Grand Canyon also display similar colorations within the surroundings. I also have seen similar rocks in Utah as well while traveling through at Bryce Canyon, Zion and other locations.

There is much beauty to be seen in our United States and when you have time to drive from one location to another keep your eyes open because you will be surprised by what you see. From colorful rocks to flat expanse of meadows or wild flowers, forests of trees to sand covered grounds. It is all quite unique and worth looking at and creating a memory in my opinion.

Have a blessed day!

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Welcome to Purrfect Images

Welcome to my site Purrfect Images. As you can see I’m still fixing the place up and getting my images loaded so they can be seen.

I hope with my images that you will feel inspired, at peace, joy and happiness, and overall just calm and relaxed when looking at them. I enjoy taking pictures of things that make me smile or give me a sense of calm and relaxation. There is far to much stress in our lives and I like to look at things that seem to take that stress away as much as possible.

My family and friends think my images are pretty good and that I should share them with others. With there support and belief I’m doing just that. I hope you will join my family and share in my images as well in the future.

God Bless and Enjoy!


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