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Yellow Blossoms

Yellow Blossoms Desert Spring

Yellow Blossoms Desert Spring

When spring rolls around you would think in the desert there wouldn’t be much to show that the seasons have changed but you’d be wrong. In the spring we get green grasses that come up around the cactus, each type of cactus has a type of bloom to display some lovely colors. My recent visit to Springs Preserve allowed me to capture several beautiful blooms that various cactus were showcasing for all willing to notice to see.

These beautiful yellow blooms are from one of those cacti displaying that even in the desert beauty is all around us. With that said do you notice the beauty around you or are you going at such a pace that life is a blur, let alone the beauty that is around you? This image is one of those stop and smell the roses or view the beauty that God has given us to enjoy. Yes, there are some rather painful thorns with these cacti, yet these bright yellow flowers reach towards the sun during the spring season.

Doesn’t life have challenges or thorns that we all have to endure and overcome to then see the beauty that was there all along? There is beauty around you when you struggle through the pain of delivering a baby. Beauty of giving your daughter away at a wedding where you think you are losing her but you gain a son and his family. Open your eyes to see the beauty around you, as it might be the one thing you need to see to help you through your challenge to motivate you to push forward.

I like to share the beautiful things in nature that God has given us through my photographs to remind you that there is more than the blur you see in your daily life. Be thankful for the lovely things around you, your ability to see them clearly, the colors, the smells, and the struggles they face to be there for you. Be thankful for the smiles, the hugs, the kisses and the I Love You as well, each is precious.

I hope you see the beauty around you. Leave a comment below about something you have seen recently or share this with someone you think it would touch. Have a blessed day!

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Looking Back Acknowledges Encouraging Future

Lion Close Up

Lion Close Up


I was challenged recently to look back and share how I began with photography on another social media platform. During that process as I was reviewing what I had photographed my own eyes were opened to how I began and how I improved in the last 20 years. I had grown in my technique, style, composition, clarified what images I enjoyed taking and what was special to me, brought meaning to me, inspired me, gave me hope and encouraged me and hopefully soon in my future others.

We all start any creative ‘hobby’ having to learn how to use a camera, paints, brushes, clay, or fabrics. Each time you use that talent, you improve even from the day before because you learned something new that can make you better. Knowledge and repetition allows us to improve, to take a hobby and turn it into something more.

It’s like learning how to drive a car, when you first start you have to pay attention to everything, adjusting mirrors, when to use your lights, how to use the wipers, turning on the heat or AC, driving in the center of your lane, when to brake, and so on. Once you have learned to drive by practicing over and over again you get where you don’t think about the mechanics of driving, as it’s now something you do automatically.

It’s the same with photography or painting, once you get use to the mechanics of the camera settings, or how the paints mix and the brushes glide over the canvas you no longer focus on this aspect when you sit down to paint or when you go to take a photograph. You automatically know how so you pick a project or a subject to photograph, just like you pick a destination to drive your car.

Are you struggling with a combination of both how to use the tools and what to create? Is this keeping you from doing anything at all? Then start doing, that repetition will make using the tools something you no longer have to struggle with and you can then focus on ‘what’ you wish to do instead. Baby steps allow improvement, so work on those basic mechanics so you know them and keep doing. Dreams come true this way.

Share this with someone you know that could be going through a time of struggle with the creative process to encourage them or leave a comment below.

Have a Blessed Day!

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