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Spooky Light and Routines

Spooky Desk Lamp and Evernote App for Smart Phones

Spooky Desk Lamp and Evernote App for Smart Phones

When you move into a new place there are sometimes things that happen you can’t control, such as a spooky light that we turn off and it would come back on even as we were sitting there watching it. Then of course there has to be a practical reason for such an event and so the search begins.

Like most things in life there can be practical reasons for things happening, but sometimes things happen with no explanation at all. In the case of my desk lamp it was from a wireless Internet plug that had been put into the wall at one end of my office and it caused my lamp to go on at the other end. Whew, no ghosts in the new place to contend with at this point.

Now that we are in the new place we can get back into a regular routine. I noticed over the course of this move that having no routine, a list of things you regularly do that don’t fit in to this chaotic time can be stressful. Thoughts like did I pay this or that bill, did I bill my client, should I toss this or keep it, man my poor car needs a bath so bad, did I lock the door to the old place? All of these things creep into your thoughts when you can’t even find a pen to write something down.

I find I do better with a schedule or routine in my daily life. I know that I need to sit and write for 4 hours on Mondays. I know that I need to go over my finances every Thursday. I know I go buy my groceries every Sunday. I know I do laundry every Wednesday. These types of routines make life flow smoothly but when you are in the midst of change and moving those routines get ignored for the short time and you feel off and stressed because you know you should be doing something else instead.

My suggestion is to hang in there, put as much of the things you remember or have thoughts about in your Evernote App on your smart phone and check it regularly so you don’t think you are dropping the ball when you are making changes in your life. It will help you not be as stressed about your day-to-day items while dealing with the major change in your life that can be trying in and of itself.

Stress is not good for one’s health or life in general. You don’t wish to take it out on your family either while going through it. Manage it as best you can by using tools like Evernote or things to do list you can check daily, add to and take off as you get things done. I know it has helped me in these recent weeks of moving and my stress levels were low because of it.

Please leave a comment on how you handle stress during a chaotic time in life and share this with someone else if you think it could help them. Have a blessed day!

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Flight Cancelled

Flight Cancelled Due to Weather

Flight Cancelled Due to Weather

The flight was cancelled due to sleet and that caused stress for us all. Even when you work diligently to create a plan for an event things can sometimes change in a moment and you end up scrambling to adjust everything so it will still work out. That’s what happened to my daughter’s birthday plans and a trip to Disneyland.

My beautiful daughter turned 25 this past Monday and we were to be at Disneyland for that memorable day, along with her best friend who currently lives in Texas. Plans changed at 4:30am on the day of the flight and it was cancelled due to the weather. Nearly 1400 passenger flights were cancelled on that same day due to this storm.

When you get news of this nature you could grumble and make everyone around you feel bad because you are inconvenienced and now have to change hotel dates, wait for new airline flight date and times, then shift your schedule by several days to still do what you were planning just now in a different way. Yes, my daughter was a little disappointed to not be at Disneyland on her actual birthday since she was hoping to wear the official birthday button and see what type of fun that allowed her throughout the day.

None of us could change the situation, so why get upset? That’s usually a person’s first reaction, to get upset and then we think things through and realize it was probably for the best. My initial reaction was calm, let’s just rebook the flight and adjust things. Others not so much as frustration, annoyance, maybe even some anger was lingering there due to this happening.

Sometimes you have to look at the overall picture in a different way. My daughter’s best friend if she would have taken her initial flight and landed in Dallas for her layover would have been stranded in an airport for several days due to this storm. That would have been uncomfortable and concerning not only for my daughter’s friend but for myself, my daughter and her family hoping she was safe in that airport. Then there is the concern and stress that would have been on all of us, if the flight had left in these storm conditions. The possible harm there none of us want to even consider.

There is also the day of my daughter’s birthday at Disneyland. The weather was forecasted as thunderstorms on and off all day that day. Would that have made the time in the park fun or also a bit stressful? Would all of the rides she wanted to go on be working due to the storm? The possibilities of things that might have made the day planned stressful and no longer fun began to add up more and more.

Sometimes God redirects our path so that we are safe. You may get irritated due to the inconvenience but the outcome will be far better because you had to wait. Think about that the next time you are driving somewhere and someone slow pulls out in front of you and you are delayed through the light. It might have been to keep you safe. Rather than getting irritated or angry, try being thankful for the change in your path, as it is meant to be a better one.

Have a blessed day!

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Inspired by the Ocean

Ocean Wave

Ocean Wave


I live in the desert and there are times I just need to get away from the heat and brown and go someplace with water. I love the ocean and traveling to find a place to sit and relax. Not only do I enjoy photographing the ocean and the surroundings but I also am thrilled to wiggle my toes in the sand, feel a wave rush over them as the wind makes my hair dance back and forth across my face. The sound of those waves rolling in, the feeling of the salt in the air around me, it all has a therapeutic vibe to it when I go.

I try to go to different areas when I travel so that I can see a new place and have various surroundings to add to my experience. I also love waterfalls, lakes, rivers and streams. I think I just love water to be honest. It’s calming to my soul somehow. It allows me to think and refresh, it gives me inspiration, my creativity flows more freely when around it and it seems to melt my stresses away too.

I hope you have something that makes you feel this way, so that your stresses diminish and your inspiration increases. Our world is so beautiful and nature itself can be relaxing and inspiring all at the same time. Let it help you somehow this weekend.

Have a blessed day!


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Welcome to Purrfect Images

Welcome to my site Purrfect Images. As you can see I’m still fixing the place up and getting my images loaded so they can be seen.

I hope with my images that you will feel inspired, at peace, joy and happiness, and overall just calm and relaxed when looking at them. I enjoy taking pictures of things that make me smile or give me a sense of calm and relaxation. There is far to much stress in our lives and I like to look at things that seem to take that stress away as much as possible.

My family and friends think my images are pretty good and that I should share them with others. With there support and belief I’m doing just that. I hope you will join my family and share in my images as well in the future.

God Bless and Enjoy!


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