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Once Upon A Time

heart shaped book

As many of you know that read my blog or Face book each week I have been working on a book. It doesn’t start with Once Upon a Time but it is a book that I hope will inspire others and has a little romance in there too. This process all began when my husband, Milo, joined a mentorship program so that he could focus on what he wanted to do and at the time he thought that was art. The only problem with his decision was he wasn’t thinking about his Multiple Sclerosis affecting him at random times throughout this year commitment.

As he was having difficulties with remembering to do the weekly assignments of watching videos, doing homework, listening to conference calls and watching interviews with others that were successful he asked for my assistance. I put on my weekly calendar when he needed to schedule to watch or listen to these wonderful, positive insights. I found myself looking over his shoulder if you will to listen in on this information.

This mentorship program was asking all the right questions, making you think about what it was you truly wanted to do with your life and what vehicle you wanted to do it through. It didn’t matter if you wanted to be a chef, musician, artist, writer; screenwriter, photographer, sculpture, wood worker or what have you. It was all to encourage those that were creative to stop talking about what they wanted and start doing what they wanted.

At first I focused upon my photography as I truly enjoyed taking pictures and trying to capture the beauty around me when I went anywhere. Then I went to a conference with these enthusiastic, positive, encouraging people and decided that photography though I love it, wasn’t the true place I wanted to throw my creativity at this moment. Then writing began to be my focus.

I had already started this web page and began showing off some of my photographs, writing my weekly blog posts and finding that what I was writing was more important to me than even my photographs. It allowed me to feel I could make a difference in others lives by sharing hope and giving a voice to what I had to say, giving my thoughts, encouragement and inspirations from living my life.

With that I started writing a book and I though at times this process has been one of fear, I have overcome those fears to continue on this process and not quit. The rough draft of my first book is done and now I’m in the editing phase. I can honestly say that through this process I have grown as a person, have gained confidence in my talents, and myself and though I have much to learn still, I look forward to the challenges ahead.

Soon I will be setting up my author web page and hope that you will choose to join me there as I move my blog to that website. I will continue to share my photographs as it’s still something I love to do and write my weekly blog as it gives me joy to write them, I will just be moving to my Lisa Ballan author website. I have already created a Lisa Ballan Author page on Face Book and you can always follow me on that too.

My point for this blog is to let you know of some changes ahead as I transition to my new focus but that I hope you will join me too. I also want to encourage you that no matter your dream there is always a way to begin by taking one small step and focusing on that small step each day or each week. Eventually you will get to your destination if you don’t give up. Hard work isn’t easy, but it is rewarding and being diligent with your schedule to push forward is always key to achieving any dream. You can do it too.

Leave a comment below if you have pushed for a dream or goal and succeeded. I’d love to hear what it is you are doing and how you did it. Share this with anyone you feel could benefit from this post. Have a blessed day!

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It’s A Wonderful Life

A scene from the movie It's a Wonderful Life.

A scene from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

Like many of us during the holidays I watch several of the Christmas movies that are shown or that I have purchased over the years in the month of December. This year was no exception to watching various movies that made you Believe and that made you think about your life and how you were living.

It’s a Wonderful Life is one movie that truly makes you review your life and the choices that you were either forced into making due to circumstances or that you chose to do because you didn’t have a plan for much else. George Bailey in this movie was a man that had big dreams of traveling to various places and countries, then returning to go to college for four years so that he could build wonderful things in the future. Life happens and he ends up taking over for his father when he passes away unexpectedly doing a job he really didn’t like or want to do.

During that time he gets married, has four children and has the weight of this business upon his shoulders and those in the town that depend on him. Circumstances happen out of his control and he is feeling like no one cares, life is over and it would be better if he no longer existed within it.

Have you ever felt that life is this mundane existence where you never get to enjoy your life, your friends, your dreams fall away one by one and you are just doing the grind each day? Many of us are like that when we fall into our jobs or careers more out of responsibility than choice. We forget that we have a wonderful life with a shelter over our heads, food in our bellies and family and friends that love us. It’s easy to get caught up in the trappings of losing our selves and our dreams.

After being married nearly 30 years and doing what was expected of me due to my responsibilities of having a family, I can tell you it’s never to late to chase after those dreams you had when you were younger. If you want to be a great artist then find time to do that art. If you want to be a writer then find time to write several times a week and at the end of a year you would have a rough draft of a book ready. Same with photography or film making, owning your own business or restaurant or whatever your dream may be.

Your dreams never left. You just chose to push them aside for other things. Now it’s time to pick them back up again. Dedicate in this New Year time for your dreams. Spend time writing, drawing, cooking, sewing, sculpting, filming, photography or whatever your true desires are in this next year. Start out finding time around your job and family obligations. A few hours each week can make a difference and it is a step forward to what you wish to achieve. Realize that taking no steps means you have given up, taking even small baby steps means you can achieve anything.

Don’t be a George Bailey see what you have right in front of you before you lose it. Make 2015 the year that your dreams can come true. One small baby step at a time is all it takes and a commitment to do them each week.

Step 1: Write out a list of goals or dreams as if there is nothing holding you back from any of them.

Step 2: Take that list and break it down into steps. (Example: Losing 100 pounds is a large number to focus on, but if you took that number and divided it by 12 it ends up being 8.333 pounds a month or 2.125 a week. When you focus on the smaller steps it seems far more attainable.)

Step 3: Get out your calendar and schedule in time to work on that goal or dream. Even a couple hours a week is better than no hours at all. By the end of the year you will accomplish something if you put it in your schedule and stick to that.

Step 4: Create a plan of small steps to achieve those goals. If you want to lose weight you can’t just focus on the number you have to have a change in lifestyle with eating and exercise to help you reach those goals.

Step 5: Re-evaluate your goals monthly. How did you do? What do you need to change? How can you improve your allocated time to your dream?

Step 6: Find a friend or family member that will support you through this time and the struggles you may encounter. Let them keep you accountable to your goals, tell them what you wish to accomplish each month then check in with updates. It will keep you moving forward.

I wish for your dreams to come true one baby step at a time. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years surrounded by wonderful friends and your loving family. May God bless you and your family during this Christmas and in the year 2015.

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First Day of Autumn

Tree Leaves in the Fall - Image by Lisa Ballan

Tree Leaves in the Fall – Image by Lisa Ballan

Today is the first day of autumn for 2014, what a season of beauty. The change in colors in the tree leaves, the various plants and flowers that only bloom during this time are all so wonderful to view. I hope your eyes are open and you are enjoying the wonder and beauty around you. It would be a shame for you to miss it because you are focused too much on work or earning a living. It only takes a few minutes to look around you and take in the season of change.

Above is a photo I took of trees changing their colors for the season. The funny thing is when I took this image it was late October before they were actually changing. That’s how things are in the desert.

I try to look at each season as a reminder that change is a good thing. Fall signifies that the most to me due to how the leaves change colors before they drop off for the next season. Everyone has things in their lives that they wish to change. Why wait until the beginning of the year to do so? Start now baby steps for anything you wish to do are still steps in the right direction.

Many blessings to you today!

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