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Inspired by the Ocean

Ocean Wave

Ocean Wave


I live in the desert and there are times I just need to get away from the heat and brown and go someplace with water. I love the ocean and traveling to find a place to sit and relax. Not only do I enjoy photographing the ocean and the surroundings but I also am thrilled to wiggle my toes in the sand, feel a wave rush over them as the wind makes my hair dance back and forth across my face. The sound of those waves rolling in, the feeling of the salt in the air around me, it all has a therapeutic vibe to it when I go.

I try to go to different areas when I travel so that I can see a new place and have various surroundings to add to my experience. I also love waterfalls, lakes, rivers and streams. I think I just love water to be honest. It’s calming to my soul somehow. It allows me to think and refresh, it gives me inspiration, my creativity flows more freely when around it and it seems to melt my stresses away too.

I hope you have something that makes you feel this way, so that your stresses diminish and your inspiration increases. Our world is so beautiful and nature itself can be relaxing and inspiring all at the same time. Let it help you somehow this weekend.

Have a blessed day!


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