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Looking Back Acknowledges Encouraging Future

Lion Close Up

Lion Close Up


I was challenged recently to look back and share how I began with photography on another social media platform. During that process as I was reviewing what I had photographed my own eyes were opened to how I began and how I improved in the last 20 years. I had grown in my technique, style, composition, clarified what images I enjoyed taking and what was special to me, brought meaning to me, inspired me, gave me hope and encouraged me and hopefully soon in my future others.

We all start any creative ‘hobby’ having to learn how to use a camera, paints, brushes, clay, or fabrics. Each time you use that talent, you improve even from the day before because you learned something new that can make you better. Knowledge and repetition allows us to improve, to take a hobby and turn it into something more.

It’s like learning how to drive a car, when you first start you have to pay attention to everything, adjusting mirrors, when to use your lights, how to use the wipers, turning on the heat or AC, driving in the center of your lane, when to brake, and so on. Once you have learned to drive by practicing over and over again you get where you don’t think about the mechanics of driving, as it’s now something you do automatically.

It’s the same with photography or painting, once you get use to the mechanics of the camera settings, or how the paints mix and the brushes glide over the canvas you no longer focus on this aspect when you sit down to paint or when you go to take a photograph. You automatically know how so you pick a project or a subject to photograph, just like you pick a destination to drive your car.

Are you struggling with a combination of both how to use the tools and what to create? Is this keeping you from doing anything at all? Then start doing, that repetition will make using the tools something you no longer have to struggle with and you can then focus on ‘what’ you wish to do instead. Baby steps allow improvement, so work on those basic mechanics so you know them and keep doing. Dreams come true this way.

Share this with someone you know that could be going through a time of struggle with the creative process to encourage them or leave a comment below.

Have a Blessed Day!

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Healing with Patience & Learning

Newport Pier

Newport Pier

I started out my year being sick. Not exactly what I had on my schedule for 2015 but I believe I was being told to slow down a moment and let your body heal, get the rest you need, and let’s learn a few things while you are having to wait for this healing process to take place.

No one wants to be sick or to work while sick if they can get away with it. Sometimes you aren’t given a choice in the matter either and you have to rest. So the first few days I got a lot of rest but strangely enough it didn’t seem like enough to really push me to be well. Patience comes into play because you want to do so many other things, you need to do so many other things, but yet your body is saying ‘I don’t think so right now’ and you have to listen.

After a week of not getting any better I finally went to the doctor, something I normally do earlier when it’s my family that’s sick so things don’t linger longer than they have to and so I don’t end up catching it. This time I was being stubborn, another lesson I had to learn, so I broke down and said we are all going to the doctor today. My family of course looked at me like I had lost my mind because I don’t voluntarily say that to often.

Patience takes over again as you wait to see the doctor and you never get in when you think you will. With all the sick people in our area also in the doctor’s office I knew this could take time. I went over the list of things in my head that I needed to accomplish and found I couldn’t do any of them just sitting in this office. I so wanted to work on images to go up on my site, or to sit down with a book idea and flesh out some characters, anything but sit there with other sick people.

After finally getting some medication, finding out I would need more days of rest to get well and being the worse member of my family that was ill, I decided to surrender and let my body get what it needed. Funny, once I did that I seemed to get well much more quickly than before. I’m sure the meds helped too. I found I was able to read some books I needed to while resting and that allowed me to learn a few things that will help with my images and my book ideas.

Sometimes you have to remember that you are going at such a pace when you have this huge list of things you wish to accomplish that we are often hit with resistance. This time it was for the sake of my health that I was hit and rest was needed in order to learn I needed to stop being stubborn, remember patience is the name of the game when it comes to healing and take a minute to learn something while doing this will be useful later.

My suggestion to you is to remember to take time for yourself. Get the rest you need each night, take care of your body so you are as healthy as possible to avoid such things as bronchitis, sinusitis or a bad cold. Remembering to take moments for yourself, not only for your soul, for building inspiration and to keep you healthy is vital when it comes to doing your craft, living your life and keeping your family healthy because they need you and you need it too. I was forced to take time to heal for ten days. I suggest to give yourself one day a week to get an hour of inspiration or taking a drive to a favorite location to think, having a candlelit soak in a bubble bath or even having a hot cup of tea while reading a book all do wonders for your health.

Stay healthy! God Bless everyone!

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