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Feed the Birds

House of Blue

House of Blue

On my recent trip to see family I was told a story about feeding the local birds. My family has bird feeders out in several places in the yard that can be seen from the porch so they can enjoy the local birds chirping and enjoying the food they put out. Like with most families there is always a story of some kind that is told at least this one wasn’t embarrassing.

One of several bird feeders they have is like a house with windows on each side and the food falls down into the bin at the bottom and the sight of the food in the windows goes down as the birds eat the seed. As the food was enjoyed by the various birds the view of this food of course lowered in the windows of this feeder. When no seed could be seen by the birds even though there was a bit of food still in the bottom that they could eat, they began pecking on the windows to make noise and to remind my family that they needed to put more food in the feeder.

I tell you this story because it reminds me of current situations with people. Which situations do I refer to? Well, to those getting assistance in massive quantities throughout the U.S. You see when you offer free things to people they react just like the birds did, they are very happy to get whatever it is for free, but when things run low they complain and become very disgruntled that they are being put out because they no longer have the same amount of free items as before.

Before I continue there are those that truly need assistance and it’s those people I do not refer to here. Just like the birds though the more you give someone for free the more they expect to receive unless you require other actions to help them improve the situation they are in.

What about self respect? What about being independent and the feeling you get from earning your own way? What about knowing that what you have purchased you did with your own money? There is a whole level of self-respect, confidence, independence, and overall great feeling that you get when you accomplish something yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s working a job and earning your wages or creating a piece of art and making a sale to a customer.

Working for your dreams is something you do daily and with those steps you feel accomplished, satisfied, and grateful. Your life begins to feel good in more than just a financial way. There is nothing in this life worth accomplishing that you don’t have to work for and if someone tells you different then they aren’t telling you the truth. There is no magic pill to losing weight you have to put in the work to get it off. The same is true for your dreams.

Figuring out what makes you feel motivated and have passion is how you will get those dreams in your life. If there is something you want then set some goals and take baby steps to get it. A baby step is putting time in your week around everything you have to do towards your goal or dream. You may feel like you aren’t moving forward that much but in three months you will have accomplished far more than you think. Be satisfied each week with your efforts, failures, and overall journey to a better life.

Please leave a comment if you have a story to share that could help someone else with changing life for the better by going after their dreams and goals. Have a blessed day!

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Call Me Mo

Call Me Mo - A Rescued Cougar

Call Me Mo – A Rescued Cougar


This magnificent cougar named Milo, (I call him Mo for short), was hit by a car when he was only 7 months old with a fractured femur and pelvic injuries. While having surgery they found an abscess and possible infection. The wildlife sanctuary, Animal Ark, was called because this animal needed a home and a place to heal. More and more wildlife sanctuaries are finding they are being called for similar situations.

I was fortunate to visit this wildlife sanctuary that cares for many exotic animals and to photograph a few of these beautiful and magnificent creatures of God. Several had sad stories that had brought them to this place but these people give their lives to make better homes for the ones that can’t be put back into the wild.

Mo did not want his picture taken on the day I was there. In fact, he doesn’t like his picture taken most days I was told. So I photographed what Mo was willing to give me and show you a cat that enjoys his solitude, space and fresh air.

Education is key to inform your children and friends about how some of these animals end up in wildlife sanctuaries, such as Animal Ark. If you have a love of animals like I do here are a few ways you can help:

  • Adopt an animal – It costs approximately $120 a month to feed a cougar. Other animals such as a bear can cost $450 a month to feed.
  • Make a donation to a wildlife sanctuary – any dollar amount would help them feed these wonderful animals.
  • Donate time – if you live near a sanctuary and can’t donate money, offer additional hands to help in some manner.
  • Join a 5k Run – This brings awareness and funds to these sanctuaries.
  • Social media – write on your blog or other social media about sanctuaries near you of the animals they have helped and educate people that wild animals need to remain wild, not become pets.

With drought conditions in some areas of the country these animals venture closer to cities and towns in search of water and food. This is why they get hit by cars, end up injured or separated from there mothers and are left in a situation they are unfamiliar. If you encounter a wild animal please call the proper authorities to handle the situation so the animal will be safe and so will you.

Have a blessed day!

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