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Cherish Those You Love

Two hearts on the branch of a tree, retro look

Time passes quickly and is short so cherish those you love. Make memories with your friends and family. Don’t say one of these days I’ll visit or do – whatever that may be. Find a way now to spend some quality time just loving your family and friends.

Dealing with loss is an emotional struggle that does not go away but does improve over time. I lost my mother five years ago and though I know in my heart that she is no longer in constant pain or struggling with life’s challenges, health wise or financial, it is difficult some days to not miss her like crazy. Certain holidays can be rather difficult to get through without shedding a tear for her since I miss her so very much.

No matter how much you prepare you still aren’t ready when the time comes to lose someone that has been sick for a long time. Currently in my life there are several individuals that I love that are having some health issues. The age range is from young adult to a senior adult. I don’t wish to lose these people that I love but I can’t do anything about it either.

Make the most out of your time with your loved ones. Create memories that you can look back on and that give you a smile or a sense of true unconditional love. Drop the small stuff that is causing conflict. Even big stuff when put in the right context isn’t all that important over time. What is important is letting others in your life know that you love them, are proud of them and want all their dreams to come true.

Never go to bed angry with someone if you can prevent it. Everyone wants to be loved, missed and to be important to someone else. What can you do today to make someone in your life feel loved and important? Can you make a phone call? Can you send and email? Could you send a text? Mail a letter or greeting card? How about go for a visit? These things only take a moment in the grand scheme of life.

Be sure to tell those important to you how you feel, how much they mean to you and how blessed you are to have them in your life. Time is precious and every moment counts.

Make some memories to cherish and have a blessed week!

Share with someone else or comment below if you have a special memory of someone you love and cherish.

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Life is Like a Recipe

Cake Mix Recipe

Cake Mix Recipe


In order to have balance in your life you have to maintain certain habits and with those habits comes a Recipe for Life. Whether or not they are good or bad depends on your habits of course and the balance you create. Is your life feeling a bit out of balance lately?

Similar to a recipe, life has to have key ingredients to keep it strong, running smoothly and productive, otherwise we are out of balance and we might be something you have prepared that you would rather not eat again. Some of the things in life that you must put on your recipe card are as follows:

  1. Eating a balanced diet so that your body can work at optimum levels when you are trying to create or maintain your daily income producing activities.
  2. Getting plenty of rest because when we sleep is when our bodies repair any problems we might be developing such as a cold and that much needed time to sleep also allows you to dream and work things out subconsciously for a better tomorrow.
  3. Drinking plenty of fluids such as water in a given day keeps your body hydrated so that your skin, organs and other parts of your body can run smoothly doing their jobs to keep you healthy.
  4. Communicating with those in your life whether at work or home in a manner that is giving, reassuring and praising of others. Not focusing on yourself and focusing on the others in your life by giving them time to speak, time to cry, time to heal and time to love all help them be better people, which help you become someone they trust and honor each day.
  5. Daily exercise helps you maintain a healthy body, keep metabolism working, strengthens your muscles, increase stamina and overall helps you to function better throughout each day no matter what is on your schedule.
  6. Feel your spiritual side with God’s word, inspirational books, positive speakers or messages and truth. Knowing that you are loved, knowing that if you think positively and surround yourself with those that tell you the truth about things going on in your life will make you stronger, create a better you and fuel your soul to do your responsibilities as well as your passions.
  7. Loving and honest friendships are important as they tend to build you up, encourage you, inspire you, keep you accountable and tell you when you need to make a change or hear something important in your life.
  8. Getting alone time in nature or even your backyard so that you can be quiet and listen. Doing this will help you clear your mind and start hearing the things that should be most important to you. It’s a time that allows you to dream, work out what choices you need to make and unwind from the hustle and bustle of life.
  9. Giving and showing love are also important to help you remain balanced in your life. Giving to others whether it’s moving some boxes, driving someone to a doctors appointment or giving money all help fuel your soul with affirmations of doing good for others. Showing love to someone else and that you care not only builds them up but also helps you as you watch what a difference you just made in someone else’s life.
  10. Scheduling your time in a way that honors your family and relationships, your values and responsibilities, and your own needs will allow you to feel productive and able to relax and enjoy your life at the same time.
  11. Focus is a major aspect to your balanced life. When you are at your job you need to be focused and giving 100% of yourself to it. When you are with your family you should be focused on them, what needs they may have and how you can help them, not thinking about the job you left a few hours ago.

With most recipes it’s the time you take to plan and the time you take to prepare that allows for the most delicious end results. Take the time today to see if you are in balance. If you are feeling stressed, worry or frustrated then perhaps something is out of balance and that is your sign that you need to take a look and see how you can change things before your cake ends up flat in the oven.

Please share this with anyone that you feel this could help or leave a comment below. Look forward to hearing from you.

Have a blessed day!

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Healing with Patience & Learning

Newport Pier

Newport Pier

I started out my year being sick. Not exactly what I had on my schedule for 2015 but I believe I was being told to slow down a moment and let your body heal, get the rest you need, and let’s learn a few things while you are having to wait for this healing process to take place.

No one wants to be sick or to work while sick if they can get away with it. Sometimes you aren’t given a choice in the matter either and you have to rest. So the first few days I got a lot of rest but strangely enough it didn’t seem like enough to really push me to be well. Patience comes into play because you want to do so many other things, you need to do so many other things, but yet your body is saying ‘I don’t think so right now’ and you have to listen.

After a week of not getting any better I finally went to the doctor, something I normally do earlier when it’s my family that’s sick so things don’t linger longer than they have to and so I don’t end up catching it. This time I was being stubborn, another lesson I had to learn, so I broke down and said we are all going to the doctor today. My family of course looked at me like I had lost my mind because I don’t voluntarily say that to often.

Patience takes over again as you wait to see the doctor and you never get in when you think you will. With all the sick people in our area also in the doctor’s office I knew this could take time. I went over the list of things in my head that I needed to accomplish and found I couldn’t do any of them just sitting in this office. I so wanted to work on images to go up on my site, or to sit down with a book idea and flesh out some characters, anything but sit there with other sick people.

After finally getting some medication, finding out I would need more days of rest to get well and being the worse member of my family that was ill, I decided to surrender and let my body get what it needed. Funny, once I did that I seemed to get well much more quickly than before. I’m sure the meds helped too. I found I was able to read some books I needed to while resting and that allowed me to learn a few things that will help with my images and my book ideas.

Sometimes you have to remember that you are going at such a pace when you have this huge list of things you wish to accomplish that we are often hit with resistance. This time it was for the sake of my health that I was hit and rest was needed in order to learn I needed to stop being stubborn, remember patience is the name of the game when it comes to healing and take a minute to learn something while doing this will be useful later.

My suggestion to you is to remember to take time for yourself. Get the rest you need each night, take care of your body so you are as healthy as possible to avoid such things as bronchitis, sinusitis or a bad cold. Remembering to take moments for yourself, not only for your soul, for building inspiration and to keep you healthy is vital when it comes to doing your craft, living your life and keeping your family healthy because they need you and you need it too. I was forced to take time to heal for ten days. I suggest to give yourself one day a week to get an hour of inspiration or taking a drive to a favorite location to think, having a candlelit soak in a bubble bath or even having a hot cup of tea while reading a book all do wonders for your health.

Stay healthy! God Bless everyone!

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