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Up and Running

Frozen Dik Dik

Frozen Dik Dik

As a graphic designer many people think that designing a web site and getting it Up and Running should be a piece of cake for me. Print media is far different from Internet design as I never found a passion for it. As I was learning a new area for each thing I wanted to accomplish, it became quite clear to me that those that do this for a living are worth the money you pay them. There knowledge on how each piece fits together and creates what you want your sight to look like is amazing. If you have no experience with this don’t be afraid to hire someone.

I managed to suffer through with many hours under my belt now and I think this site represents me quite nicely. I hope it is as easy to navigate through as I was intending and that you can enjoy looking at the photography and fill inspired, relaxed, hopeful and joy as I did when I took them. As I was adding new images I realized I was laughing at certain ones because of how that animal acted or how the wind would knock a poor flower around making me think I would never get a clear shot.

I will be adding a blog post with the story behind each piece so that you can share in my nightmares, joys and laughter too. I’m going to start with the image you see above of the Frozen Dik Dik. First off, the name is funny in and of itself, so God must have a real sense of humor just based on how He named everything.

This little one found a place upon the rocks to watch those moving about but stayed completely still. The area was hidden on the path so unless you were looking for it you wouldn’t have noticed this beautiful animal. I stood there for some time waiting for it to move, blink, do something but no, didn’t budge. I wanted to see more things so moved on but can’t help but laugh at just how still it was and how it made such a great photograph.

Various animals always make me laugh at their expressions, what they do and how they act. What makes me laugh the absolute most is when I go to take a picture of an animal and they turn there back to me so all I get is the back and the butt. In my house we laugh and call that the ‘butt’ shot. When that happens I have a good laugh, attempt some type of photograph and then move on thinking it just wasn’t the right time to take that shot. My house cat Midnight, use to do that to me all the time. That’s why my logo is of his back.

I’m happy that I now have a few pieces in each of my three galleries available for those that really enjoy my photography. If you find something that isn’t available you can always shoot me an email to get further information.

Have a Blessed Day!

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Wild Burros

Burros at Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

Burros at Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

Earlier this week I posted about Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, NV. At this same area there is much wild life that can be seen including these adorable burros above. There are fences to try and prevent them from being on the road but sometimes they manage to find a way out and tourist stop to see ‘Wild Burro’s’.

Usually the burros travel in herds just like horses would do. There is typically a dominant male and several females that he has manage to win over to stay with him. The herd starts out small but then a few young will be added to the family and the herds size will increase. Wild Burro are all over this area and due to the vast amount of space you don’t always see them. They typically are brown, dark brown or tan in color here in the desert.

These two were standing on the side of the road while the rest of the herd was back closer to the fence grazing on the many desert grasses available. The tourist kept stopping and taking photographs of them since they were out on the road. It is against the law to feed them and if caught there is a fine.

Enjoy! Have a blessed day!

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In my own Backyard

Quail on Lookout on top of a Tree in Backyard.

Quail on Lookout on top of a Tree in Backyard.

Quail are one of the many animals that are abundant in my area. A couple times a year you will find them being trailed by these tiny little babies no bigger than my thumb. They are so adorable and I find the sounds they make to be relaxing when I sit upon my porch.

When we had horses our covered area we stored the hay we came upon a nest of Quail eggs. At that point we (my husband and I) that we would feed our horses around that stack to keep the nest in tact until they hatched. Since we always feed our horses at a certain time every day the mom must of knew when we were coming around because she would leave but only long enough for us to get in and get the hay we needed and then get out to not disturb her nest. We would hide in the trees nearby and watch as she returned to sit upon the eggs and watch over them.

A few weeks later these tiny little Quail babies were roaming the yard with the family. They stayed close to where the nest was for a couple more weeks so we were careful when feeding our horses but this little family finally moved on to other nearby coverage in trees and shrubs to stay safe from predators. The Quail among other wildlife is one of the reasons we like living in our area. The desert can be beautiful but you must look for the beauty sometimes when you are fighting the heat.

Hope you have a Blessed day!

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