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Feed the Birds

House of Blue

House of Blue

On my recent trip to see family I was told a story about feeding the local birds. My family has bird feeders out in several places in the yard that can be seen from the porch so they can enjoy the local birds chirping and enjoying the food they put out. Like with most families there is always a story of some kind that is told at least this one wasn’t embarrassing.

One of several bird feeders they have is like a house with windows on each side and the food falls down into the bin at the bottom and the sight of the food in the windows goes down as the birds eat the seed. As the food was enjoyed by the various birds the view of this food of course lowered in the windows of this feeder. When no seed could be seen by the birds even though there was a bit of food still in the bottom that they could eat, they began pecking on the windows to make noise and to remind my family that they needed to put more food in the feeder.

I tell you this story because it reminds me of current situations with people. Which situations do I refer to? Well, to those getting assistance in massive quantities throughout the U.S. You see when you offer free things to people they react just like the birds did, they are very happy to get whatever it is for free, but when things run low they complain and become very disgruntled that they are being put out because they no longer have the same amount of free items as before.

Before I continue there are those that truly need assistance and it’s those people I do not refer to here. Just like the birds though the more you give someone for free the more they expect to receive unless you require other actions to help them improve the situation they are in.

What about self respect? What about being independent and the feeling you get from earning your own way? What about knowing that what you have purchased you did with your own money? There is a whole level of self-respect, confidence, independence, and overall great feeling that you get when you accomplish something yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s working a job and earning your wages or creating a piece of art and making a sale to a customer.

Working for your dreams is something you do daily and with those steps you feel accomplished, satisfied, and grateful. Your life begins to feel good in more than just a financial way. There is nothing in this life worth accomplishing that you don’t have to work for and if someone tells you different then they aren’t telling you the truth. There is no magic pill to losing weight you have to put in the work to get it off. The same is true for your dreams.

Figuring out what makes you feel motivated and have passion is how you will get those dreams in your life. If there is something you want then set some goals and take baby steps to get it. A baby step is putting time in your week around everything you have to do towards your goal or dream. You may feel like you aren’t moving forward that much but in three months you will have accomplished far more than you think. Be satisfied each week with your efforts, failures, and overall journey to a better life.

Please leave a comment if you have a story to share that could help someone else with changing life for the better by going after their dreams and goals. Have a blessed day!

Be Still and Listen

A Sunning Lizard

A Sunning Lizard

Do you know how an animal tells if there is danger around them? They become still and they listen. This beautiful lizard was enjoying the sun when I saw him and with my presence became very still and just waited to see if I was a danger to him before he made a choice to move or not.

We can learn a lesson from one of God’s creatures that is as small as a lizard. When you are feeling worried, not sure if there is danger around you, uncertain of a challenge, other people, an opportunity the best course of action is to be still and listen. You can learn much if you just focus on remaining quiet, keeping an open mind and just take the time to listen to what message God is trying to give you.

The sound of the wind can bring a message, the singing of a bird, the buzz of a bee and even sitting quietly alone while your family is sleeping and just listening to what God is trying to tell you. Working late or getting up early before the hum of your household begins is a great opportunity to just listen. Sitting down to journal and just letting the thoughts come to you naturally and writing them down can be a comfort, can help you work something out you have been thinking of but you have been avoiding a real commitment of time to think it through.

Take time to listen and be still for amazing things can come to you in those moments. That great idea that will allow you to start your own business, that concept for a book you have been toiling over or helping someone that you haven’t seen in a while. It does not matter how small or large, how elaborate or simple, it only matters that you listen and then take action once you know what God has been trying to get you to focus on.

These moments can help relieve stress, help clarify an issue in your life, help solve a problem at work, give you the guidance you needed and most importantly help you listen to God. Give it a try and see what being still and listening does for you.

If you like to be still and listen in a certain way then please leave a comment below and share this with anyone else you feel would enjoy this blog post. Have a blessed day!

Yellow Blossoms

Yellow Blossoms Desert Spring

Yellow Blossoms Desert Spring

When spring rolls around you would think in the desert there wouldn’t be much to show that the seasons have changed but you’d be wrong. In the spring we get green grasses that come up around the cactus, each type of cactus has a type of bloom to display some lovely colors. My recent visit to Springs Preserve allowed me to capture several beautiful blooms that various cactus were showcasing for all willing to notice to see.

These beautiful yellow blooms are from one of those cacti displaying that even in the desert beauty is all around us. With that said do you notice the beauty around you or are you going at such a pace that life is a blur, let alone the beauty that is around you? This image is one of those stop and smell the roses or view the beauty that God has given us to enjoy. Yes, there are some rather painful thorns with these cacti, yet these bright yellow flowers reach towards the sun during the spring season.

Doesn’t life have challenges or thorns that we all have to endure and overcome to then see the beauty that was there all along? There is beauty around you when you struggle through the pain of delivering a baby. Beauty of giving your daughter away at a wedding where you think you are losing her but you gain a son and his family. Open your eyes to see the beauty around you, as it might be the one thing you need to see to help you through your challenge to motivate you to push forward.

I like to share the beautiful things in nature that God has given us through my photographs to remind you that there is more than the blur you see in your daily life. Be thankful for the lovely things around you, your ability to see them clearly, the colors, the smells, and the struggles they face to be there for you. Be thankful for the smiles, the hugs, the kisses and the I Love You as well, each is precious.

I hope you see the beauty around you. Leave a comment below about something you have seen recently or share this with someone you think it would touch. Have a blessed day!

Call Me Mo

Call Me Mo - A Rescued Cougar

Call Me Mo – A Rescued Cougar


This magnificent cougar named Milo, (I call him Mo for short), was hit by a car when he was only 7 months old with a fractured femur and pelvic injuries. While having surgery they found an abscess and possible infection. The wildlife sanctuary, Animal Ark, was called because this animal needed a home and a place to heal. More and more wildlife sanctuaries are finding they are being called for similar situations.

I was fortunate to visit this wildlife sanctuary that cares for many exotic animals and to photograph a few of these beautiful and magnificent creatures of God. Several had sad stories that had brought them to this place but these people give their lives to make better homes for the ones that can’t be put back into the wild.

Mo did not want his picture taken on the day I was there. In fact, he doesn’t like his picture taken most days I was told. So I photographed what Mo was willing to give me and show you a cat that enjoys his solitude, space and fresh air.

Education is key to inform your children and friends about how some of these animals end up in wildlife sanctuaries, such as Animal Ark. If you have a love of animals like I do here are a few ways you can help:

  • Adopt an animal – It costs approximately $120 a month to feed a cougar. Other animals such as a bear can cost $450 a month to feed.
  • Make a donation to a wildlife sanctuary – any dollar amount would help them feed these wonderful animals.
  • Donate time – if you live near a sanctuary and can’t donate money, offer additional hands to help in some manner.
  • Join a 5k Run – This brings awareness and funds to these sanctuaries.
  • Social media – write on your blog or other social media about sanctuaries near you of the animals they have helped and educate people that wild animals need to remain wild, not become pets.

With drought conditions in some areas of the country these animals venture closer to cities and towns in search of water and food. This is why they get hit by cars, end up injured or separated from there mothers and are left in a situation they are unfamiliar. If you encounter a wild animal please call the proper authorities to handle the situation so the animal will be safe and so will you.

Have a blessed day!

Up and Running

Frozen Dik Dik

Frozen Dik Dik

As a graphic designer many people think that designing a web site and getting it Up and Running should be a piece of cake for me. Print media is far different from Internet design as I never found a passion for it. As I was learning a new area for each thing I wanted to accomplish, it became quite clear to me that those that do this for a living are worth the money you pay them. There knowledge on how each piece fits together and creates what you want your sight to look like is amazing. If you have no experience with this don’t be afraid to hire someone.

I managed to suffer through with many hours under my belt now and I think this site represents me quite nicely. I hope it is as easy to navigate through as I was intending and that you can enjoy looking at the photography and fill inspired, relaxed, hopeful and joy as I did when I took them. As I was adding new images I realized I was laughing at certain ones because of how that animal acted or how the wind would knock a poor flower around making me think I would never get a clear shot.

I will be adding a blog post with the story behind each piece so that you can share in my nightmares, joys and laughter too. I’m going to start with the image you see above of the Frozen Dik Dik. First off, the name is funny in and of itself, so God must have a real sense of humor just based on how He named everything.

This little one found a place upon the rocks to watch those moving about but stayed completely still. The area was hidden on the path so unless you were looking for it you wouldn’t have noticed this beautiful animal. I stood there for some time waiting for it to move, blink, do something but no, didn’t budge. I wanted to see more things so moved on but can’t help but laugh at just how still it was and how it made such a great photograph.

Various animals always make me laugh at their expressions, what they do and how they act. What makes me laugh the absolute most is when I go to take a picture of an animal and they turn there back to me so all I get is the back and the butt. In my house we laugh and call that the ‘butt’ shot. When that happens I have a good laugh, attempt some type of photograph and then move on thinking it just wasn’t the right time to take that shot. My house cat Midnight, use to do that to me all the time. That’s why my logo is of his back.

I’m happy that I now have a few pieces in each of my three galleries available for those that really enjoy my photography. If you find something that isn’t available you can always shoot me an email to get further information.

Have a Blessed Day!

A White Calla Lilly

A White Calla Lilly

A White Calla Lilly

The ‘White Calla Lilly’ is a symbol of elegance and sophistication, that’s why it’s used so often for weddings as it stands for purity of thought and the eloquence of heavenly bliss. This particular flower is also used for Easter as the cone like shape symbolizes trumpets heralding victory and Christ’s passion on the cross. Calla Lilies are strong symbols of rebirth at spring, youth and innocence.

This particular flower has special meaning to me as it was one that I could find growing in my backyard each spring and when I was out playing I would pretend that I was a princess and that these flowers were given to me by my handsome prince. They didn’t have an over powering scent and so they were easy for me to be around, along with some were pink, blue, yellow and also white and those were all colors a little princess would love to receive.

My husband gives me these type flowers on our wedding anniversary and I love them because they are leaves that turn into flowers. The leaves start out a bold green color and over time develop spots where the color begins to change as the leaf curls around to begin forming the shape of the flower. To me it’s just beauty that you can watch, similar to a caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly.

I had photographed these flowers for many years and finally I was able to capture a white one in a way that I loved. To me it looks sophisticated, elegant, a reminder of faith and love. I hope you will enjoy it too.

“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin; even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” – Matthew 6:28-29 (NKJV)

This image will soon be available to purchase along with the others you see on my gallery.

Have a blessed day!

Wild Burros

Burros at Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

Burros at Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

Earlier this week I posted about Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, NV. At this same area there is much wild life that can be seen including these adorable burros above. There are fences to try and prevent them from being on the road but sometimes they manage to find a way out and tourist stop to see ‘Wild Burro’s’.

Usually the burros travel in herds just like horses would do. There is typically a dominant male and several females that he has manage to win over to stay with him. The herd starts out small but then a few young will be added to the family and the herds size will increase. Wild Burro are all over this area and due to the vast amount of space you don’t always see them. They typically are brown, dark brown or tan in color here in the desert.

These two were standing on the side of the road while the rest of the herd was back closer to the fence grazing on the many desert grasses available. The tourist kept stopping and taking photographs of them since they were out on the road. It is against the law to feed them and if caught there is a fine.

Enjoy! Have a blessed day!

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV

In the desert there are mountains with beautiful red sandstone within them that add color to our usually bland tans of sand. Above is a picture of Red Rock Canyon which is just west of Las Vegas. It is a park and you can drive through it for a small fee.

There are light tan rocks with these magnificent red striations going through them that are most unique for the area. Rocks around the Grand Canyon also display similar colorations within the surroundings. I also have seen similar rocks in Utah as well while traveling through at Bryce Canyon, Zion and other locations.

There is much beauty to be seen in our United States and when you have time to drive from one location to another keep your eyes open because you will be surprised by what you see. From colorful rocks to flat expanse of meadows or wild flowers, forests of trees to sand covered grounds. It is all quite unique and worth looking at and creating a memory in my opinion.

Have a blessed day!

In my own Backyard

Quail on Lookout on top of a Tree in Backyard.

Quail on Lookout on top of a Tree in Backyard.

Quail are one of the many animals that are abundant in my area. A couple times a year you will find them being trailed by these tiny little babies no bigger than my thumb. They are so adorable and I find the sounds they make to be relaxing when I sit upon my porch.

When we had horses our covered area we stored the hay we came upon a nest of Quail eggs. At that point we (my husband and I) that we would feed our horses around that stack to keep the nest in tact until they hatched. Since we always feed our horses at a certain time every day the mom must of knew when we were coming around because she would leave but only long enough for us to get in and get the hay we needed and then get out to not disturb her nest. We would hide in the trees nearby and watch as she returned to sit upon the eggs and watch over them.

A few weeks later these tiny little Quail babies were roaming the yard with the family. They stayed close to where the nest was for a couple more weeks so we were careful when feeding our horses but this little family finally moved on to other nearby coverage in trees and shrubs to stay safe from predators. The Quail among other wildlife is one of the reasons we like living in our area. The desert can be beautiful but you must look for the beauty sometimes when you are fighting the heat.

Hope you have a Blessed day!

Beauty in Nature

Closeup of a Pink Flower

Closeup of a Pink Flower


I am constantly amazed at the beauty in nature all around me. It does not matter if I’m in the desert, in a forest, or at the ocean. The saying, stop and smell the roses, comes to mind as we walk by such beautiful things every single day and most of us don’t even notice them. Life would be less stressful for all of us if we did.

There is a pair of ground owls a few streets from my home that live in some tunnels they created on a property that’s been for sale for some time. When it is getting close to sunset I will take a drive down that street and just look at them. This year I got to see a third ground owl with the other two so a baby was added to the family. I’ve yet to be able to get what I consider a good photograph of them, as I don’t like to stop to long so that they don’t become nervous of my presence.

It’s also known that the first thing the owls will go for is your eyes if they feel threatened and I personally would like to keep my vision so I can enjoy the beauty they add to our world. I hope you will take time to add some beauty to your life. It’s not about just going through each day, stuck in your routines and trying to juggle all of life. It’s also about enjoying that which is around you all the time, each season, a flower, an animal, clouds, rainbows and even sunsets.

Share in the beauty around you and I hope you have a blessed day!