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Fall Gardens at Bellagio

Floral Pumpkin at the Bellagio Seasonal Gardens in the Fall.

Floral Pumpkin at the Bellagio Seasonal Gardens in the Fall.

If you ever get to Las Vegas be sure to go visit the Bellagio Hotel. Inside the hotel is a garden that they change seasonally. Above is an image from the fall gardens. They create items from flowers and have beautiful displays throughout this area to look at and enjoy. They even have a talking tree for the fall display. I love going to see what they create each season and have been pleasantly surprised at the creativity and hard work that goes into these displays. It’s in an atrium area where the roof is made of glass and the sun comes in to light up the area with natural sunlight.

Many visitors come to just take photographs of the gardens. They also have some awesome floral arrangements by the registration desks and in that same area there is a spot for seating with blown glass art in the ceiling above that filters light that is quite stunning to view. Make sure if you visit to go outside and walk around to the front to view the fountain that dance to music at certain times of the day depending on the time of year.

There are many things to do in Las Vegas and since I use to live there it is a place we like to visit from time to time to see how things have changed. Not only have the hotels on the strip changed over time but also many activities that you can do for free have evolved throughout time. I’m not much for gambling since I work hard for my money and gambling isn’t something I enjoy doing, but Las Vegas has a lot of great shows, sporting events, concerts, and live entertainment throughout the strip and Fremont Street that makes visiting the area fun. Think of Las Vegas next time you are planning a trip or vacation.

Have a Blessed day!

First Day of Autumn

Tree Leaves in the Fall - Image by Lisa Ballan

Tree Leaves in the Fall – Image by Lisa Ballan

Today is the first day of autumn for 2014, what a season of beauty. The change in colors in the tree leaves, the various plants and flowers that only bloom during this time are all so wonderful to view. I hope your eyes are open and you are enjoying the wonder and beauty around you. It would be a shame for you to miss it because you are focused too much on work or earning a living. It only takes a few minutes to look around you and take in the season of change.

Above is a photo I took of trees changing their colors for the season. The funny thing is when I took this image it was late October before they were actually changing. That’s how things are in the desert.

I try to look at each season as a reminder that change is a good thing. Fall signifies that the most to me due to how the leaves change colors before they drop off for the next season. Everyone has things in their lives that they wish to change. Why wait until the beginning of the year to do so? Start now baby steps for anything you wish to do are still steps in the right direction.

Many blessings to you today!

A Little Rain

A wooden bridge in an Autumn forest.

A wooden bridge in an Autumn forest.

The last few days we have had a little bit of rain in our desert area. It is something very much needed so I love getting it after so many days of sunshine during the summer months. The rain reminds me of a fresh start, replenishing living things and a new season of change ahead.

The rain also allows for the air and the living things around us to get a bath and fresh drink of water to help with the changes of fall. The colors on the trees, the different types of flowers that bloom in the fall, the plants and vegetables that grow in the cooler months, all give new life to photographs in a fresh season. Opportunities of new things to photograph avail themselves with each season, but the colors of fall always let me know that the holidays are around the corner.

I hope if you are someone that loves taking photographs that you will use the fall months as a time to experiment and find new things to bring to life in one of your images. I know I love doing the same and I also enjoy knowing that I get to see family and extended family in the months to come.

Let the colors of nature move you! Enjoy!