About Me


Lisa Ballan

Welcome to my photography site, Purrfect Images.

My name is Lisa and I have been married to a wonderful man for 30 years. I’m a mother of a beautiful daughter that’s 25 years old and I’m a graphic designer as my day job for the last 25 years. I love animals of all kinds and my belated cat Midnight is the inspiration to my logo and site name. We have had dogs, cats, snakes, and horses to just name a few of the additional family we have enjoyed in the course of 30 years together.

I fell into my job through contacts made through my husbands work 26 years ago and I learned the graphic design business from the old style paste-up boards for newspapers to the latest technologies of today. I am self-taught and my talents have allowed me to work with a game company, a printing company and a few magazines.

I juggle the graphic design job of a transportation magazine out of Las Vegas, NV, that allows me to work from home so that I’m available in case my husband needs me since he has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). My family has had to overcome quite a few health challenges in the last 10 years but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing with my photography and writing.

Photography was a hobby of mine when my husband purchased a camera for me when we first got married. When I started you had to be more selective of your subject matter and what you photographed because it was all with film.

Today with the digital age it’s nice because you can shoot off a hundred pictures without worrying you are wasting anything, allowing you to capture that one great shot. I have learned over many years to have patience if you wish to take animal or children images. I focus mostly on animals, landscapes, and botanicals. This is an area I will continually be learning and improving with every adventure to take photographs.

Images that I don’t feel are as fantastic as I would like, I then apply artistic techniques, to make the image more to my liking before sharing them with others. This too can be a lot of fun and satisfying as my skills develop more to bring my images to life in a different way.

Photography for me is looking at something that God created more closely and holding it in that moment for all time. I hope you will enjoy looking at my images and feel inspired by the beauty of our world around us that is full of hope, faith and love.

I am also a writer and my website is www.lisaballan.com for my books that are due out before the end of this year (2015). Between my photography that showcases the beauty around us in this world and my writing, which I hope to inspire, give hope, and show love, I want to share God’s love with you through these two areas.

I write a blog each week and that is on my writer website listed above. I hope you will sign up for the email to be part of the readers group so that you can receive my blog posts in your email weekly and leave a comment on what you think of the topics I share and how I have impacted your life through them.

Have a blessed day!